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Entry 007: Networking with @BritishBizParty

Even without a business website to speak of, I was chosen to be #Starbiz for the 18th July and it was brilliant! Continue reading

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Entry 006: I’ve Passed!

The 23rd May this year marked the date when I had to submit my final piece for my degree – a collection of poems based on the theme of being a bystander or a witness. This was purely of my own design and I was really proud to have written my first collection. Continue reading

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Entry 005: Untitled Poem

I wrote this poem recently, on the 30th April in fact, in response to a recent incident that touched my life and sent ripples of repercussion right through it.  My life now is the same, but different.  The same for … Continue reading

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Entry 004: Sometimes it just won’t come out…writing to the clock.

Sometimes, you sit down to write with the weight of a deadline approaching pressing on you like the throngs on the train on a Monday morning.  You’re trying to keep some personal space, but aware of it all the same. … Continue reading

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Entry 003: Stilettos

I am just taking a break from my studies for a moment to do some writing of different kind. I recently came across a website called  Now I realise this website isn’t a fashionista’s secret and by no means … Continue reading

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Entry 002: Proofreading – the art of the perfectionist

I have always been very particular when it comes to presenting my own work.  I like everything spelt correctly and the grammar to work as it should for the English language, which, at the end of the day can be … Continue reading

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Entry 001…..Finally

Hi, I’ve finally caught up and got myself a blog.  I see this as a tool, like a journal to express my opinions on all manner stuff from the merits of following a celeb on Twitter to using shower gel. … Continue reading

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