About me

I chose to set up this blog as a vehicle for expressing my thoughts about my world, my life and those little details and questions that like to pre-occupy us in the middle of the night.  I aspire to be a published writer or poet some day, but I’m not sure in what genre that will be.

May 2013: I have just completed proofreading a collection of short stories by Lola St Vil called Guardians: Short Stories (Part One), which successfully made it into the Amazon Top 100 within the first 24 hours of its Kindle Release.  I was privileged to be part of that.

I am a wife to the man who captured my heart long ago, a mother to two beautiful, wonderful boys and I work very hard in an interesting industry.  I take pride in running my home and I never stop learning and asking questions.  I don’t have many friends, but I value greatly those I have and try to be the best friend to them in whatever capacity my relationship with each person demands.

I hope you enjoy my blogs and I appreciate you taking time to read them.  Any comments, as long as they are constructive and courteous, are welcomed.


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