Entry 007: Networking with @BritishBizParty


So…this happened. I’ve been taking part in this Twitter networking hour with @BritishBizParty.  Lovely bunch of friendly people who run small British businesses and meet up on Twitter for some casual chat.  Even without a business website to speak of, I was chosen to be #Starbiz for the 18th July and it was brilliant!

With the aid of some preparatory blog posts from @BritishBizParty, I felt nervous, but ready to chat with my fellow tweeters and share casual chat.  I think one of the fundamental reasons it works so well is because it just feels like you’re meeting up with friends for a coffee – heads up @CoutureBeans.  The hour flies past so fast and my fingers flew over the keys in an effort to keep up with the chatter, but at the end I realised I did it and it felt good!

So far networking on Twitter has brought me some pro bono work and I am hopeful that as I continue to network and build a presence, more work will come.  I think people have to see that you’re prepared to be invested in building your presence and that you’re actually interested in other people and what they have to say.  And I am…it’s all good research and inspiration for me.

I have had the honour of writing a Naming Ceremony poem for Michelle Baird, a talented Soprano singer based in Northern Ireland and part of a trio called The Leading Ladies (www.michellebaird.com, @michellebsings).  It was a proud moment to know that she had chosen to read my assembly of words about her beautiful daughter Isla and that both her and her husband Matt were pleased with my work.  Michelle has kindly given me permission to share it publicly so the full poem will be available in my next post.

Even if getting involved and actually tweeting in these networking hours isn’t for you, I urge you to find one that suits your small business or creative outlet and just follow the chatter if nothing else.  They can be very useful for tips and advise and also allow you to discover new opportunities you may have otherwise missed.  I would never have “met” Michelle without being part of #BritishBizParty and I’m very glad I did.

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