Entry 006: I’ve Passed!

Well, it has been some time since I’ve actually posted anything here.  Why?  I’ve had my head stuck in any number of books as I worked to finish my degree.

The 23rd May this year marked the date when I had to submit my final piece for my degree – a collection of poems based on the theme of being a bystander or a witness.  This was purely of my own design and I was really proud to have written my first collection.  Sadly, the final week or so before the deadline saw the beginning of a full-blown hemiplegic episode that left me bedridden for a week – thank goodness for laptops.  I’ll admit, there were points during that week when I was tempted to just stop.  And yet, the finish line was so tantalizingly close, I just had to persevere.

Then, the long wait until 15th July for the results to be published.  I know, I know…as I write the 15th July hasn’t happened yet, at least not in this universe, but the Open University brought out the results a week early!

So, on the 8th July I’m awake unreasonably early at 6am.  It is my son’s 12th birthday and my husband’s birthday on this day (and he came a week early too), and I’m already excited.

My sister texts me to say the results are out and available on the OU website.  She is also doing an OU degree and has just completed her third module – passed with excellent marks – well done Sis!  Suddenly, with the knowledge within my grasp, I was anxious and excited all at the same time.

I logged in and got confirmation that I had a Grade 2 Pass for my last module in Advanced Creative Writing…ok good…so far so good, but where’s my degree result….a bit more digging around the site and I find it….

I’ve passed!  This girl has only gone and got herself a degree.  After 8 years of study!

I am now the proud owner of a BA (Hons) in Humanities with Creative Writing with Upper Second Class Honours (2:1)

Wow…oh wow….even typing it here a week on, it still seems unreal, intangible somehow.  I’ve studied that long to reach this goal and now I have, I’m left wondering what to do next.

This is what I’m going to do: keep moving forward and put these hard-earned skills to good use.

Through smart networking on Social Media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook, I aim to garner some creative writing work to create a portfolio and earn from my words.

There is no website (yet), so I’ll be using this blog to showcase my work portfolio along with my own work.  I’m going to be selective about the poetry and story ideas published on here though because I’m going to be entering competitions and seeking an agent in the future.  I’m also writing the Caroline’s Choice column for The Book Project Blog – check it out here.

I may make it as a writer yet!

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