Entry 003: Stilettos

I am just taking a break from my studies for a moment to do some writing of different kind.

I recently came across a website called http://www.stylistpick.com.  Now I realise this website isn’t a fashionista’s secret and by no means am I a fashionista, but I have to say I am impressed.

It is a clear, simple site that does exactly what it says on the tin and more besides.  It gives you a stylists’ pick of the latest fashions at affordable prices.  There are regular sales and offers too.  My two favourite features are “My Wardrobe”, which becomes available to you once you create a profile and complete a short questionnaire and secondly, the way in which items are delivered.  It doesn’t matter if you spend £20.00 or £200.00, each delivery arrives in a big cardboard box inside of which in a lovely paper bag.  Inside that is a ribbon-tied black box containing your treat, your fashion fix, or in my case a pair of beautiful, black patent leather stilettos.

I love shoes, and as many will testify, there is something very satisfying about buying new shoes.  There was a space in my shoe wardrobe as I didn’t actually own any stilettos at all, plus I needed some new shoes for work/going out on that rare occasion, so all justifications made, I happily purchased said stilettos.

They arrived promptly and as I open the cardboard box, I was really impressed and pleasantly surprised that this company had gone to so much trouble.  Not only was it free postage and packing, but I had nabbed a pair of beautiful shoes at a bargain price, plus they were on trend too.  Sounds too good to be true? Not so my friends.  As I undid the ribbon, I was filled with an excited anticipation akin to that of receiving an unexpected gift or a birthday present.  Inside the box, the shoes were wrapped in tissues, had the proper shoes inserts in to retain shape and came with an extra pair of heel points for when the first ones wear out.

I think it was attention to all the little details that make all the difference and it made me feel like a valued client using a luxury service like a personal shopper at Selfridges.  Now I visit the website every few days to check the updates to my wardrobe.  The only downside for me is there is a higher emphasis on shoes and I would look for it to be more balanced between clothing, shoes and accessories however, it won’t put me off visiting the site or recommending it to others.

I wore my stilettos to work today for the first time.  I received compliments on my lovely shoes, but also on how slim I looked.  Wearing heels straightens your postures and helps you walk tall.

i felt confident and even a little bit sexy…..fabulous!

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